Rubbish skip trailers

Lancaster’s skip bin trailers

Our trailer skip bins are available along with great service from our side. We deliver the trailer you need to your property.

You load it and then you have us collect it according to your convenience. This ensures that you have more than enough time to load the trailer bin. 


You contact us to book in a date you’d like a trailer delivered.


We will deliver one of our 4 x 8 trailers straight to your door


You fill the trailer with the waste and material that you would like to dispose


We come back at an agreed time to remove the waste.


 Trailer Skip – $140.00



$10.00 per tyre

$20.00 per mattress

$10.00 per gas cylinder


*Price may vary depending on delivery location


What sort of trailers do you use?

Our 4 cubic metre rubbish skip trailers are more manoeuvrable then traditional truck delivered skip bins.​ Our trailer’s wont break concrete or paved driveways and can be delivered through garages/ carports and into tight access locations getting the trailer closer to your waste.

What is ALLOWED to be put in our rubbish trailer skips?

All general waste, timber, metal, green waste and recyclables.

What is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED to be put in the rubbish trailer skips?

Fill soil, hazardous or radioactive materials and asbestos.

What can be put in the rubbish trailer skips but will incur an extra charge?

Mattresses, tyres, tyres on rims, fluoro light tubes, gas cylinders 

Do you charge for used car batteries?

We pickup used car batteries for free or if you are hiring a skip you can leave them next to the skip & will take them away.

What can be put in the rubbish trailer skips in limited quantities?

One wheelbarrow only of either concrete, pavers, bricks, retaining blocks is allowed.

Will the trailers damage my driveway?

Unlike other skips that are delivered by heavy trucks, our trailers are delivered by vehicle and will not damage your driveway.

Can the rubbish trailer skips fit in my garage?

Yes, our trailers are more maneuverable then traditional truck delivered skips. They can be back under roller doors, through tight access gate ways and under overhead powerlines/trees.

Can we move the rubbish trailer skip once it’s delivered?

No, the trailers are locked in position at the time of delivery to prevent theft.​