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Need a newly built or renovated property looking less like a construction site and more like a finished building? Lancasters property detailing specialises in commercial  and builders cleaning.
We facilitate the removal of building waste and rubble from your building sites at all hours of the day, 7 days a week.
Lancasters delivers reliable and cost effective removal of builders waste. This process (also known as final cleaning, entry cleans, initial cleans and move in cleans) takes place after construction, and remains an essential step before selling, renting, leasing or moving in.


Rubble Removal

Glass Removal

Metal Removal

Brick Removal

Timber Removal

Porcelain Rubbish

Concrete Removal

Tile Removal


Soil Removal

Paver Removal

Debris and other signs of construction

 Our Professional Services are perfect for:


Builders & Construction Companies

As your outsourced commercial detailing team, we’ll save your builders valuable time and manpower on post-construction cleanup.

Offices/spaces offered for lease

Our pre-occupancy clean-up will make life easier for any new tenant or business.


See your property transform from construction site into a finished building!


Our commercial cleaners can adapt to almost any retail business requirement.

And much much more.  Enquire today about our competitive rates and professional builders detailing services.